Friday, August 2, 2013

How to Save and Protect our Income

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani


Today I would like to share you about my internship.. Wau, after I finished all the exams required, now I'm dealing with Income Protection.. Alright, it sound serious right. :) Have you ever think how to save money until hundred thousand ringgit? There is a way. Yeah, from the time now, I'll help you how to protect your income.

What is Income Protection?
Let take it simple. It is a SAVING PLAN. Every one of us will have to save money for future right?
alright, where is the place u save the money? Home? Bank? Is it easy for you to cash out the money back? If it easy, how come u can protect your life in the future if all the money has been utilized? It is not wrong for u to save money at the bank cause u can buy anything u want if the money dah cukup. However, you must at least have another way to save money for your own and your family life.

Alright, from other situation, let say if u accident, tak kisah lar kereta ke, or you tiba2 sakit ke, then u have to be hospitalized, which hospital would u prefer? kerajaan? swasta? 4 sure u nak swasta kan... :) I pun mcm tu gak. So, how u nak cari duit banyak2 tu? Even hospital kerajaan pun ada bayaran jugak kan.

Sure u cakap medical card company kan ada? 4 sure lar company will take care of it. Okey.. boleh terima alasan tu. But, sampai bila you nak kerja ngan company tu? is it until the end of your life? The medical card of the company will get expired if u berhenti kerja or retired from that company.

Alright, another situation pulak, if U dah kahwin kan sekarang ni, U ada children, how will u sure that your money akan cukup untuk tanggung semua perbelanjaan anak-anak you if they get an offer to university or college? Duit-duit simpanan u jugak yang berguna nanti. How would u ensure that duit simpanan yang u simpan untuk anak2 you tu, you tak gunakan??

Another situation lagi. (hehe.. suka sangat bagi situation cos u boleh nampak nanti betapa penting nya simpan duit). Situation ni sangat penting coz it involve our rukun Islam yang kelima iaitu menunaikan Haji di Mekah.. Okey.. Tabung Haji ada... Boleh je pergi haji.. Plz let me know berapa ramai yang dh daftar untuk pergi haji sekarang ni? Especially yang muda2 nie... hoho.. daftar lambat, lambat lar u all pergi haji... Until your age 60 baru dapat pergi Haji.. hoho..

Alright, ni last situation. (Actually byk situation yang perlu kita fikirkan untuk menabung ni tp I know that u all sume can think it by your own). Let say, if U died,  what will you leave to your family or your loves or even your parents? How other people can leave lot of money to their heirs?

So, these are all about Takaful. If u involve in Takaful, u will have better life in your future. However, banyak orang Melayu kita yang masih tidak sedar betapa pentingnya Takaful. So, here I would like to stress to you that Takaful is very important to our life. Please ensure that your life is protected by Takaful. Save your income in Takaful Plan.Yeah! Better Takaful because it is Shariah Compliance.

If you interested to know more about Takaful, just contact me at 0132263814 (whatsapp also can) or u can even pm me on facebook 'Lyana Mastura Zainal Abidin' or email me at

I'll try my best to help you to choose the Takaful plan to protect your life and your income :)